In past years, …

In past years, I taught middle school math (7th & 8th).  Now I teach 5th grade math.  In some districts that is still part of Elementary school.  In my district is in an Intermediate school.  We straddle the lines between Elementary and Middle School every day.  We are departmentalized so all I teach is math, which is fine with me.  We still have recess which is good for the kids.  Our school is run very much like a middle school with little kids in it.  Finding ways to balance it all is sometimes a challenge, but I strive to master any challenge set before me.  However, I do not think I can do it on my own, so I am here to get any ideas or suggestions to help me have my best year ever. 

I am looking for activities, classroom management suggestions, organization ideas, etc.  I will post my own as well.  I am excited about collaborating with other teachers from around the country through this blog and through Twitter. 





Volume of 3D Shapes with Play-doh

I really want to try this for a volume lesson this year.

I Speak Math

When my students are excited about what they are doing in class, they are engaged.  They will listen and best of all, learn.  The kids were ecstatic when they saw the Play-doh.  They couldn’t wait to get their hands on it!  The benefits for learning were amazing.  All I had to say was “Remember the Play-doh?” and they knew what to do for any volume problem.

Supplies per student:

  • One fun-sized Play-doh
  • Ruler
  • Plastic knife
  • Ruler

Many of my students had heard somewhere along the way that volume equaled length times width times height.  So, I started by having them make a rectangular prism out of their Play-Doh.

Once it was made, I had them draw a picture of it in their Geometry Booklets.  Then they measured and recorded the length, width, and height of their prism in centimeters.  Next, I had them cut their prism into 1 centimeter…

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Just Beginning

This is my first time to start blogging.  I know, I am so behind on this 🙂 but I didn’t think I had anything to really share with everyone.  I’m not sure I do now, but I started getting on Pinterest  and have been looking for ideas for my math classroom.  I found a lot of elementary ideas out there that I can adapt, but wanted more.  Well I have some ideas that maybe other teachers out there might like, so here I go.
I may also blog about some of the things I do at church, so I am leaving it open for multiple venues.  I will try to make sure the title is clear so everyone knows what the post is about.
This will be a new adventure for me.  We will see where it takes me.



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