In past years, …

In past years, I taught middle school math (7th & 8th).  Now I teach 5th grade math.  In some districts that is still part of Elementary school.  In my district is in an Intermediate school.  We straddle the lines between Elementary and Middle School every day.  We are departmentalized so all I teach is math, which is fine with me.  We still have recess which is good for the kids.  Our school is run very much like a middle school with little kids in it.  Finding ways to balance it all is sometimes a challenge, but I strive to master any challenge set before me.  However, I do not think I can do it on my own, so I am here to get any ideas or suggestions to help me have my best year ever. 

I am looking for activities, classroom management suggestions, organization ideas, etc.  I will post my own as well.  I am excited about collaborating with other teachers from around the country through this blog and through Twitter. 





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