Keeping up with them….

This is my first time to do anything for Made4Math


As I have been looking around Pinterest I found something that I really liked.   It was a way to keep up with where your students are.  I will have four different classes of up to 32 students per class.  I keep a seating chart and everything for attendance, but when we get started in class we are not always in our seats and if someone asks to go somewhere, I would look around to see who was gone (I try to only have one out at a time if at all possible).  If I train them well, they will use this board to help me know who is where. 


The plan is to start each class with the numbers to the side of the board (I will use magnets to place this on my board).  As students enter, they will move their number to the “In the Room” section.  If at some point during class they need to leave, they will move their number to the correct spot.  Then if someone else asks to go, I will be able to look quickly to see who is out.  I don’t expect to know which student goes with the numbers off the top of my head, but I will have a chart (probably in my gradebook) to make that connection if needed.  When they return, they will then put their number back in to the room area.  This will also help during drills (fire, shelter in place, etc.) 

I already had the dry erase board and duct tape.  I just bought magnets and a paint marker to make the numbers.  Which was less than $10 total with my teacher discount at Michael’s. 

If this works or not, we’ll see. 


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  1. Mrs. H
    Aug 21, 2012 @ 20:51:44

    Hi, new reader here! I found your blog from I Speak Math. This idea was so cute I had to pin it! Don’t know if I’ll have time to get this done before Monday, but I’m gonna try!


    • hsimmons32
      Aug 21, 2012 @ 20:58:41

      It doubt I will start it the first day. I don’t know about you but schedules are usually still changing the first couple of days and I have plenty of other procedure to teach. I am assigning each kid a number to use for everything, clickers, calculators, and this. I want their numbers to be as close to the alpha list as possible, so I will wait a day or two. Good luck to you!


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