MS Sunday Funday – Goals for the new year…

This will be the third year that I am in my classroom and I am lucky to have a campus that did not require me to take all my posters down, so that is still the same.  I am adding a few things to the walls.  The main thing I am changing is the desk arrangements.  I have been so crowded in my classroom depending on how I arrange my student’s desks, so I had to make some sacrifices and get rid of a table and an old student computer (that didn’t really work anyway.)  I am trying to make more room so the students and I can move around more.  This will help me be in the Power Zone and more accessible to the students as we are learning.  I haven’t taken pictures yet as I am still trying to decide on how to arrange it all.  Do I put the desks in groups (really takes up a lot of room, but good for group work) or have them in rows.  I like this the best, but need to see what my new principal expects.

My Goals for this year?  My main goal to increase student retention.  I have felt in the past that I do well teaching the concepts to them, and they do well when I quiz them over the material but later in the year they don’t remember well enough to master the state assessment.  A book that my campus read over the summer has inspired me about this and I will be writing a separate blog about that in the next day or two.  Some other goals I have is to keep up with absent student work and to just be more organized, period.  I am a hoarder and stacker.  I usually have so many stacks of paper in my room that you cannot even see my desk.  My goal here is to trash (recycle) when I no longer need it.

Finally, this will be my first year to have a student teacher.  I hope that I can help him in any way that I can, but also be willing to relinquish control of my classroom and students when the time comes (I take their learning very personally.)  If you have had a student teacher before and can give me advice, I would greatly appreciate it.


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  2. Anna (@Borschtwithanna)
    Aug 19, 2012 @ 20:58:07

    @Hillby258 and @approx_normal wrote a great post recently giving advice on how to be a mentor teacher and help your student teacher get the most out of the experience:


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