Homework Policies

The first week of school with students in their seats is behind me now.  I have gotten behind in my posting – I’ve just been so tired and swamped with “school” stuff, that I actually have not even been on my computer at home this last week.  Hopefully I will be able to get back into a regular routine soon.


This week’s Sunday Funday post is about homework policies.  My homework policies have to change from year to year depending on the grade level and school that I am in.

There are so many issues around math and homework.  As a teacher I want my students to practice the concepts that we are working on in class.  I want them to be successful, but I also know that some of them do not do it.  Some of the parents help too much, etc.  And I do not like zeros because students don’t do their assignment.

Last year I started two things that really seemed to work for me.  First of all, their homework was a Weekly Homework.  It consisted of around 20 word problems over the current concepts and review concepts.  They would have one week to work on it, I give it out on a Friday and it is due the next Friday.  I give a little bit of time each day in class to work on it (we are double blocked and have about 90 minutes in class).

The other thing I do is I use a H.O.T. sheet.  H.O.T stands for Homework On Time.  Each students gets a H.O.T. sheet to keep in their binder.  When we have a homework due, we stamp the H.O.T. sheets.  There are 14 places for a stamp.  Once students have their H.O.T. sheet completely full, they can turn it in to replace a low daily grade with a 100.  This has encouraged students to bring their homework in on time.

The one thing I am going to incorporate this year, is they are going to have to write their answers in complete sentences.  This is one way I am trying to use writing in the math classroom.


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