Why I Teach Math . . .

I think everyone at one point or another think about their career choice and what they are doing with their lives.  As the new year starts up, it is something that I like to remind myself about as I begin with a new set of students.  I know there will be times during this year that will test me and this helps me to stay focused on the reason I get up every morning and go into my classroom.

When I was in junior high I knew I wanted to be a math teacher.  I had the best math teacher who made fractions fun (who would of thought) and I wanted to be like her.  So, I entered the education department in college to become a teacher.  However, I was swayed by some teachers who did not like their job.  So I switched to Computer Science.  I thought I would go for the money.

That was the hardest and best decision I think I have ever made.  I was a natural in my education courses.  However, I struggled in the computer classes.  I worked harder than ever to pass those classes.  But I was determined to never give up.  I finally graduated with a BS in Computer Science and had a job.  I hated it.  I realized, sitting there in my little cubicle, that I was designed to be with other human beings.  But not just with them, but teaching them.  However, I know that it has made me a better teacher.

After graduation I went through an alternative program to get my teaching certification.  I have been teaching ever since and now I am starting my 11th year as a math teacher.

I enjoy working with students and helping them learn new things.  When they get that look on their face that says “Oh!  I get it!” it sends me through the roof with excitement for them.  This past week I was listening to students conversations about how to solve for n (5th grade students) and it was the first week of school!  I was smiling from ear to ear.

But that time I spent in those computer science classes helped me the most.  You know those students that have the look on their faces as you explain a new concept that says you are speaking a foreign language to them?  That was me in those computer classes.  I understand what they are feeling.

This is another year that we have begun.  My goal is to make it the best year of their (my students)  lives.  I want them to love school and teach them as much as I can so that they can be successful!!!  And if some of them tell me that I am their favorite teacher, it helps, even if they might just say it so I don’t work them too hard.  🙂


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