Have you seen Kahoot!?  My students love Kahoot!  No, I mean my students LOVE!!!!! Kahoot!  Students who would drag their feet getting to class now are the first ones in class ready to start.

It’s really easy to use and they get to use their own devices in class.  Go to http://www.getkahoot.com to sign up and get your own FREE account and start making Kahoots!  There are videos on the website showing you how make it work and use it.

Here are some ideas of how/when you could use it in class.

  • warm-up/bell ringer
  • exit ticket
  • practice with new skill
  • review a previous skill
  • to grade an assignment (have them work problems on a sheet – needs to be multiple choice, when everyone is done, then have them get out their device.  The question would be pg___#1, they enter the answer they have selected on their paper.  Once done, you can export the results and get a grade and see the answer each person chose.)

The options are unlimited.  Share your ideas with the rest of us!

Some drawbacks that I see is that you are limited in the number of characters you can use in your question, so you just have to be creative sometimes.  Also, their first answer is their answer.  so they have to be careful to not hit the screen until they are ready.


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