TpT – I now have a store

I have begun adding items that I have created to Teachers pay Teachers.  Some items are free, some are for a small price.  I do not think that anything I have is extraordinary, but time is valuable and most teachers do not have the time to make activities that would benefit their classroom and students.  If something that I have would be helpful, then I am grateful to help other educators out there.

With the new Math TEKS in the state of Texas, some of the items I have created in the past, no longer correlate to the new TEKS for the previous grade levels.  However, the new grade can use it and the past grades can use it as a review activity.

If there is something that you are looking for, but cannot find exactly it, let me know.  Maybe I have it or can make it for you instead of you spending your valuable time becoming frustrated (either searching or trying to create it yourself).  Just let me know.

See what is there and follow me at Teachers Pay Teachers.

The new school year is almost here, Good luck to everyone out there!


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