My Mission Story, Part 2

So, in 1993 we got married and began our family.  Now we are 26 years later, four kids and two grandkids.  We continually have served in the church where ever we were at the time including VBS and youth/kids camps with our kids every year.  I also was a teacher and believed that that was my mission field.

Then in 2016 a friend told me about a mission trip to Kenya for teachers that a friend was telling her.  I urged her to go, that it would be a great opportunity.  On my way home I was talking with God and remember telling him that I wish I could go, but I couldn’t afford the price.  As clearly as He could, I heard him tell me that I didn’t have to have the money, he would provide it for me.  I got home and talked to my husband and decided to take a leap of faith and go for it.

The trip was to cost $3000 for 2 weeks working with teachers in Kenya.  And He provided!  The entire trip was covered with donations from supporters.  And on that trip, my heart grew for missions.

On that trip, the majority of the time was working with teachers for a school that was attached to an orphanage.  It was a great time, but I felt that the mission work I wanted to spend more time focusing on was sharing the gospel.  So that was my only time on that trip.

Since then, I have been going yearly to Ecuador to serve His people and share His love and the gospel.

Next time, I will share some stories of my trips.  To God be the Glory!

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